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Project 2017!

Places and Spaces… SC!

Source software and incorporating a Linux kernel into the Wii software platform.
Wii sd and usb devices
Bookmarked places and spaces review Links! Menus and Widgets

2017 bizarre holidays, wacky holidays, obscure holidays, fun days.

Source: 2017 Bizarre wacky holidays, obscure holiday days, Holiday Insights

Source: The best Wii homebrew applications 2017 | -> The Independent Video Game Community

Navi-X has been discontinued due to the current legal climate surrounding Kodi, and the abundance of impossible to moderate spam and distasteful content.

Source: Farewell Navi-X: Marking the End of an Era for Kodi Addons (2007-2017)

Summer Holiday is just around the corner. Leave your passport at home, skip the airport queues and be sure to pack both your sunnies and raincoat – we’ve listed our top UK holiday destinations for 2017.

Source: Five of the Best UK Breaks by Car – Halfords Autocentres


Countless myths and legends surround King Arthur with many believing he had roots in Scotland’s history. Here are 10 places to discover Arthur’s Scotland.

Source: 10 King Arthur Sites to Visit in Scotland | VisitScotland
Plan a trip in just six days around 19 fascinating castles on Scotland’s Castle Trail in Aberdeenshire. Source: Scotland’s Castle Trail Aberdeenshire

If there’s one thing we could really go on and on about, it’s Scotland’s history. But don’t worry, it is certainly not boring – it’s just that it stretches back thousands and thousands of years, meaning there is plenty to cover! With centuries of fascinating history, who knows what you’ll uncover as you explore Scotland’s past? Stand in the shadow of ancient standing stones, climb to the turrets of a striking castle, enjoy the peace of a solitary abbey, or delve below the ground to find long-forgotten streets.

Source: Historic Landmarks, Sites & Buildings in Scotland | VisitScotland

Source: Embedded Moment — Twitter Developers

Discover the latest training resources available for Box

Source: Box Education – Box

52 Week Photography Challenge ~ Dogwood Photography

Take your photography to the next level with this 52 week photography challenge.

Source: 52 Week Photography Challenge ~ Dogwood Photography

Instructions on how to install XAMPP for Windows distributions.

Source: XAMPP FAQs for Windows

Source: App Lab |

2017!   SPRiNG/SuMMER TiME!

Learn ton code with free online DevSpots.

Find more to use TMs!


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